Picture Working

Several days ago I visit one of our agent, show the intel 6th gen and 7th gen mini pc sample, and mean time learning why their sales get down compare to previous months. I feel so lucky to have sales agent like them, as a leading B2C company worldwide, they are really perfect in marketing and information collected.

Here is the summary of the meeting.

1. Price raising too much compare to previous months. This is market problem, due to raw material cost changing, everything price keep raising and raising, not just us, so this hurt is not just to us, but to every Chinese suppliers, the other products they sell facing same problem.

2. Picture working: as factory, we always rely on OEM and ODM orders, on retail B2C marketing, we are far away than enough, although the B2C sales in agent and also own international shops keep raising, but still, we are always thinking everything at the point of factory, but not the users, so we just take some picture and send to agent, without making some art work to point the top tips of the product which buyer would like to see.

Come back to office, I input a lot in learning other B2C market, and also learned the ad pictures from Apple, HP, Dell and others, yes it is, our picture work is far away than enough, we should invest more on art work, after several days learning, I get the first picture out, really looks much better.



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