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Using FMP03B-i5-7200U Mini PC with 65 inch HDTV

Today we are showing how it looks like when using this i5-7200u fanless mini pc with a big 65 inch HDTV.

First, the fanless mini pc configuration: FMP03B-i5-7200U with intel core i5-7200u cpu, 8g ram 256G SSD storage

HDTV model: KKTV U65 65 inch 4K TV max resolution 3840*2160

203*180*45mm size fanless mini pc looks very smart standing beside the 65 inch HDTV, this mini pc installed win 10.


From the computer property, we can see the CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71GHz, 8G memory onboard.


This 65 inch HDTV best resolution is 3840*2160, but we can see the fanless mini pc itself support max 4096*2160.


Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 is 100% percent better than its last grade HD Graphics 520 which using in 6th gen mini pcs.


Using such a big 65 inch TV as monitor to doing Photoshop work is really amazing.


Watching HD movies is what we need for 65 inch HDTV.


How do you like it? More details of this fanless mini pc pls visit www.topminipc.com.


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