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Prime95 Stress Testing for Fanless Mini PC FMP05B-i7-5550U

In the past year 2016, this FMP05B-i7-5500U fanless mini pc always get short, supply cannot meet the requirement. And very good news now, at least can continue supply for several months, and now CPU updated to i7-5550U and Graphics update to HD6000.

Here is picture of this fanless mini pc and its package.


And here is the picture we make test this time, connect this i7-5550u fanless mini pc to 65 inch kktv HDTV via HDMI cable. The fanless mini pc looks really smart and small side by the big tv, right?


And here let’s see the fanless mini pc’s basic information:


Run Prime95 at 5pm:


5 hours later we go back to the fanless mini pc, open website, word, photoshop, play online movie together, and open the pc’s Task Manager to see the performance, CPU is 100% occupancy but everything runs smoothly, and this shows the fanless mini pc FMP05B-i7-5550U is totally stable and reliable.


And later days we will show more testing using other stress testing tools like CPU-Z, 3D Marks and so on.


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