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April New Fanless Mini PC i7-5550U

HYSTOU this month promote its new fanless mini pcs with core i7-5550u cpu, this mini pc acturally comes to market last month, now take out for promotion, let’s highlight its features.


Highlights 1. Small size

Mini pc’s top highlights surely be its small size, this FMP05B-i7-5550U keep using the same case as the hot sale fanless pc model FMP05B-i7-4500U, 18*23*5cm size, smaller than regular A4 paper, when hang it to backside of monitor it takes almost 0 place of your desk,  make your office looks simple and clean.


Highlights 2.  Full computing function

This mini pc is not like other mini pc which only support some simple application and work as TV box or work as terminal runs for simple office works, this mini pc is full function computer, all components and performance same as regular laptop pc, but remove the laptop pc’s screen, keyboard and mouse, make it available for big screen displays or TVs.  You can use it not only for watching TV, doing office work, you can also use it for designer work or even playing big games, what you can do by using your current laptop pc, you will do by using this fanless mini pc, and more than laptops.


Above picture show this fanless mini pc FMP05B-i7-5550U work with 65 inch HDTV, 15 seconds entering windows 10.


Above picture show this fanless mini pc work in office, computing stand with a 21.5 inch Samsung led monitor.

Highlights 3.  Silent, fanless design make this mini pc pure silent no matter how long it working

There are many more features for this pc, such as its CPU performance, HD 6000 Graphic performance, and so on, those just same as all other i7-5550u laptop pcs, we don’t talk about them one by one.

And to get this smart mini pc pls go to https://www.topminipc.com/fanless-mini-desktop-pc/broadwell-mini-pc/fanless-mini-pc-i7-5550


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