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Guide: Bios update-N3160 Mini PC

Part one. (Please prepare one USB drive)

1. Run HPUSBDisk.exe or other similar tools to make a DOS booting USB disk. (Note: Please use empty USB disk driver when making DOS booting, otherwise the data will get lost when formatting USB disk.)

2. Run HPUSBDISK.exe under administrator account


Select “QUICK Format” and “Create a DOS startup disk usig system files located at:”

3. Select DOS making file, click “…”in below picture, then select file *dos7System”*



4. Click Start and wait until it finished the USB booting DOS is ready.


Part 2:

1. Copy below files from file “FMP07-N3160-1C-Bios”(Download FMP07-N3160-1C-Bios file) to the root of the USB disk (the same USB disk as part 1).


2. Plug the DOS booting USB disk to the HYSTOU FMP07-N3160-1C mini computer, power on the computer, press on/off switch, and then keep pressing F11 continuous (press-release and press-release, not press F11 all the time).

(Remark: check video to learn more clearly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azP7F8vosjw&feature=youtu.be )


Select DOS booting from USB



Go to DOS window and input F, then press “Enter”


Waiting until it finished.


Pls note: we don’t suggst users change bios directly, any hurt to the mini pc during the update HYSTOU will take no responsibility, pls consider it before making update, thank you.


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