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Fanless Industrial Computer FMP04B-i7-5550U

The Intel Core i7-5550U, developed under the codename Broadwell, is a laptop processor that was first available for purchase in January 2015. It is a dual-core CPU, resulting in a lower multi-tasking potential when compared to processors with more cores.

This Core i7 series CPU operates at a stock clock speed of 2.00 GHzabout average for a laptop processor. If that isn’t enough power, the Core i7-5550U has been tested by Intel to handle a maximum overclocked speed up to 3.00 GHz.

Its cache size is 4MB, which is an above average cache among laptop processors, and its 16GB of maximum supported memory is average among all laptop CPUs.

Hystou Fanless Industrial Computer using core i7-5550U CPU, designed for unique, industrial applications that require compact size, durability, high reliability, and universal performance. This Fanless Industrial Computer  idealed for applications like manufacturing, industrial automation, medical, semiconductor, food processing, machine control, and other scenarios in which desktops and notebooks are not feasible, yet high processing performance is needed. 

Here let’s see some details:

1.  black aluminium alloy case, size less than A4 paper, only 23.5*17.5*5cm, small and high grade.


2.  6 COM port, we can connect enough machine to this computer.


3. dual intel lan port,  Lan or Wlan, as you want.


4. Intel® HD Graphics 6000, with 2 HDMI 2.0 port, support dual display @ Ultra HD 4K resolution synchronous.


5. Low Power requirement, green and money saving.

And when using it, you may find there are many more other featrures which you love. If you want it, don’t forget to get $30 coupon code first, code: A550M30




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