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Way Autostart FMP09-J1900 Mini PC Automatically When Connecting to the Mains Power

FMP09-J1900 mini pc is very small in size, 13.4*12.6*3.85CM only, so it is really goo idea if you could just hide the computer back to the monitor, the only problem is that you would have to go back of monitor to press the power button each time you want to power on the computer. Feasible, but not very convenient. Every morning, you connect a power strip to the mains supply for your computer, monitor, and related equipment, so it would be good if the computer could just start when you connect it.



Here let’s see the bios setting for this function:

1. Press On/Off Switch on the pc and then keep press “Delete”until goes into bios, and then go to “advanced”


2. Go “ACPI Settings”


3. Choose “PWRON After Power Loss “ and then select “Always On”



4. Press “ESC” on keyboard to save the above setting and finish it.



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